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Design, manufacture, installation and service of linear electron accelerators and facilities with these accelerators
Gamma-activation analysis of gold ores

Linear electron accelerator (linac) for radiation sterilization, food irradiation, shrinkable tubes irradiation and other radiation processing

Klystron power supply
Accelerating structure
Product irradiation

Technical specification

Energy range, MeV5 - 10
Maximum beam power, kW15
Power consumption, kW80

Linac's main features

  • High efficiency due to using solid-state modulators for klystron and electron gun.
  • Continuous control of electron energy, beam current and scanning length during electron beam processing.
  • Beam extraction system allows irradiating opposite sides of boxes during one pass.

Electrons energy of 10 MeV allows to irradiate products with square density up to 8 g/cm2. For example, the accelerator allows to provide radiation sterilization of disposable medical products: bandage, cotton wool, tampons, disposable medical linen and clothes, rubber gloves, systems of blood transfusion, disposable gynecologic and urological tools, etc. in standard boxes with dimensions of 40х40х60 cm. The most commonly irradiated food stuff: spices, medicinal grasses, the dried fish and vegetables, etc. have higher density and for an irradiation they should be packed in boxes with thickness no more than 10-20 cm. The accelerator can be used for irradiation of heat shrinkable tubes for electrical connection.

Radiation facility with linac

CORAD Ltd can build a radiation facility with a linac on a turn-key basis. This facility will include:

  • Linac;
  • Conveyor for moving products to the irradiation zone;
  • Concrete biological protection reducing the radiation level around the facility up to the standard radiation background;
  • Safety and control system of the facility.

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